patrick connor

Patrick Connor's Astromech Droid Project

Currently, my Astromech project is in the planning and fundraising stage. My initial plans are to build a replica of R2-Q5, an Astromech droid built for the Galactic Empire. He was a well-equipped droid, having spy devices and equipment for repairing starships. He is only ever seen once during any of the six movies, in the background of a scene in Return of the Jedi.


Current plans are to mount the following items into R2-Q5 after he is completed. If you have any ideas or would like to make donations of parts/money, please be sure to contact me. If you are unfamiliar with any of the terminology I use below, use this diagram as a reference.

  • Mini-Projector - Location: Front Holo-Projector - Cost: ~$400 - Status: Don't have
  • Webcam - Location: Radar Eye, behind tinted glass - Cost: ~$20 - Status: Have, using PS2 EyeToy
  • Microphone - Location: Coin Slots - Cost: ~$10 - Status: Have one, but wanting to replace.
  • Netbook Computer - Location: ? - Cost: ~$300 - Status: Don't have
  • R2-Q5 Toy Figure - Location: N/A - Cost: ~$30 - Status: Don't have