patrick connor


Since I seem to have some competency with various electronics and such, I've decided to sell off some services. It's possible that I'll have more at a later time, and in such a case I'll probably have it up on my index page should I make a change. If you're interested in any of these services, feel free to contact me and we shall make further arrangements.

PSP Modification

I'll load custom firmware on your PSP, depending on how new it is. Models generally newer than November 2008 cannot be hacked at this time. Custom firmware allows you to play PSP games from your memory stick, convert PS1 games to play on your PSP, and makes it possible to load all kinds of other programs on your PSP to increase its functionality by leaps and bounds. If you see people using cheats on their games or playing Game Boy or N64 games on their PSPs, it's because of custom firmware.

Cost: $10

Router Modification

Modifiying wireless routers also loads custom firmwares onto it, allowing for increased functionality and other fringe benefits. Main new features include stronger security, more powerful signals, faster routing, and many behind-the-scenes features that you can also play around with. Be sure to contact me with your wireless router's brand, model, and version number, and I'll be able to tell you if I can enable this software.

Cost: $10

I also have the ability to convert VHS tapes to DVD, but have not yet had the inspiriation to do so. If you're interested in such a service, e-mail me.