patrick connor


  • Model: Custom-built PC
  • Processor: AMD Duron 1800MHZ
  • RAM: 384MB PC2100-DDR
  • Hard Drive: 320GB Seagate HDD
  • Partition Table:
    • ???.??GB NTFS - Windows XP Professional
    • 0.20GB EXT2 - GRUB Boot Partition
    • ???.??GB EXT3 - Fedora 10 Linux 64-bit
    • (will fix values later)
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 64MB
  • Optical Drives:
    • Lite-On DVD+RW Drive
    • Toshiba DVD-ROM Drive
  • Inspiration for name: The AMD Duron processor residing in this computer was codenamed the "Applebred". I connected this with the falling apple that inspired Sir Issac Newton to formulate his theory on gravity.
  • Use: Was my main computer before I got Copernicus, however it is now retired to being a server to serve uses of a computer that is always on.

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